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Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Whew! Somehow it's already April and we're only just sitting down to write our very first blog post. Lots has been happening behind the scenes and we've got lots of exciting things to come so watch this space for lots of ultra delicious content. We thought we'd begin with a quick summary of what's happened so far this season, read on to find out more!



In November 2022 we collaborated with Stayer Cycles and several unique frame builders in order to create three one-of-a-kind bicycles. We then held a prize draw in aid of the scholarship and you very generously helped us to raise a whopping £12,095. This money goes towards supporting the UDS for this year and beyond, where we will continue to grow the UDS and provide amazing opportunities for folks who might not otherwise be able to participate in these types of events. You can check out the 3 stunning builds below!

Builder(OMG Large): Lewis Toghill

Builder(OMG Small): Hayley Whitethorn @groovyriderbikeninja

Builder(OMG Medium: Will Jones @zetlandcycles



November was a busy month for us, we also selected and announced our 3 scholars for 2023! This year the quality of applications was sky high and we had a difficult time sifting through all the incredible responses we got. After an intense round of interviews we were able to unanimously decide on our 3 scholars for this year: Jade, Seun and Tayyab. If you’d like to get to know them a little better, you can check their profiles here.

Left to right: Tayyab, Seun and Jade



In February we announced our sponsors and supporters for 2022/23. We were beyond delighted to welcome back all those returning as well as introducing some new faces! These entities are a crucial part of the UDS and without their support we would not be able to do what we do. It is a truly special feeling to know that what we are doing is valued so highly, and we are heartened to know that there are so many who share our vision. You can see a full list of our sponsors and supporters here.

Left: Sponsors; Right: Supporters


What's happening next?!

In April we will have our very first scholarship gathering! The directing team, mentors and scholars are heading to the Cotswolds to retrace the Pan Celtic Race Gathering route over a weekend, all whilst getting to know each other and meeting in person for the first time. You can also catch us at Brother in the Wild Dorset in May where we will doing a panel talk on everything UDS. We will be chatting to all of our current scholars as well as UDS founder Taylor Doyle. See you there!

Meantime, all of our scholars are training hard for the 4th edition of the Pan Celtic Ultra Series which is will kick off on the 02nd July. Follow us on Instagram @UltraDistanceScholarship to watch their progress and cheer them on to the start line.

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