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Soft Tissues Podcast Meet-up: Pizza, Spilt Coffee and Ultra racing

Updated: Jan 22

By Tayyab Dilmohamud

The Wizard of Bike Fitting, Co-host Wei.

As we start to close the chapter of another successful year of the Ultra Distance Scholarship, scholars and alumni came together, for a graduation of sorts and to reminisce and share their experiences and thoughts over the past year.

We met where it all began at the studio of Foundation Fit. However, instead of walking through the iconic doors of Cloud Nine and descending into Wei’s grotto (the Santa of bike fits) we stepped into the grandeur of the Olympic velodrome. To say it’s been a transformative year for the UDS and a few of its supporting pillars is truly an understatement!

UDS Crew... well, most of them!

The crew was back together under one roof… minus our inspirational mentors Tamzin and Vera.

Kicking off the evening with pizza expertly cut with a stanley knife by our auspicious host. We made light work of the many shades of toppings and bases. With stomachs full and the conversation in full swing it was time to kick back, huddle round the microphones and begin the podcast.

Starting with a heartfelt and purpose driven introduction of the UDS ‘Why?’ by founder Taylor Doyle, the ensuing exchange of memories gave way to some first hand accounts of never heard revelations and hilarious shenanigans. All in the name of Ultra racing!

'Mama Bear' aka Coach Alison

This was coupled with Coach Alison’s insights into what it took to get us all ready, as well her preparation to take part in the same Ultra race as her trainees. This podcast was seriously turning out to be the epitome of the adventures shared through the hash tag #wewhotravelhavestoriestotell!

Dedicating practically a whole year to training for one event is a massive ask but for all us to make it to the start line was pretty magical. However, as we delved more into what the UDS meant to us, it became evidently clear the support network we received in the build up to the Pan Celtic before and during, was a key factor in what was a meaningful year of the scholarship.

Co-host Ev keeping us on track

Once the podcast is live listeners may notice a slight pause, maybe a hint of a gasp at a particular point. I assure you it wasn’t because the conversation had run dry. A slight mishap with a spilt mug of coffee was to blame! However, with true professional style our Soft Tissue hosts Ev and Wei steered the conversation before an eruption of laughter could occur!

As our time together came to a close, I couldn’t help but feel a little emotional. It was this time last year we entered the world of ultra racing fresh faced and bright eyed. No experience and not knowing what to expect. But with the firm resolve that anything is possible.

And as we come full circle with the next group of scholars soon to be announced, the only thing left to say is….

We the Ultra distance Scholars of class 22/23 hand over the UDS bidon to y’all!

Mr Alaba always keeping it professional!

To listen to the Podcast head over to the Soft Tissue Podcast page

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